Pleasant Waste Management (PWM) is a company that operates within the Medical Waste industry, we specialize with Medical, Anatomical, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Waste, serving various entities that generate waste, from Hospitals, Labs, Clinics, Abattoirs Pharmaceutical Distributors etc.

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  • Medical Waste Management Solutions
    Medical, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Anatomical Waste.

What We Do?

We specialize in medical waste removal,
serving various entities that generate waste, from Hospitals, Labs, Clinics, Abattoirs pharmaceutical distributors etc.

Medical Waste

The classification of medical waste deposits accordingly, collection, transportation and treatment of infectious, pathological sharps and pharmaceutical waste streams.

Anatomical Waste

The removal of expired organic substances and pathological remains. Transportation to facilities for a compliant destruction process.

Pharmaceutical Waste

Safe transportation of pharmaceuticals and the destruction of expired or faulty reserves.

Chemical Waste

The removal of a variety of chemical waste, transportation and for incineration, autoclave. and water treatment.

Why Choose Us?

Some reasons why our valued customers choose us

The company was established through a vision for a healthier and better environment for tomorrow.

We are the bridge between waste generation and incineration, a necessary disruptor in setting a new standard for waste management.

We are a fully compliant waste removal company with a B-BBEE Level 1.

Our Process

Our typical service delivery approach

1. Consumables

We provide proper packaging according to the classification of HCRW

2. Collection

We understand that protocols in transportation are essential in ensuring that the waste is delivered to the set destination safely.

3. Incineration

We only incinerate with certified facilities, upon request, oversee the entire process. Our clients are also welcome to witness the incineration process for their internal brand assurance and protection.

4. Compliance

Upon completion of the incineration process, we provide our clients with a compliance certificate for validation.

“We are committed to preserving our environment for the future,
one removal at a time”